I was born and raised on a farm in Normandy, country of
apples, butter, cream, cheeses, cider, calvados and so much
1 grew up in my Grand’Ma’s kitchen helping her out (or
probably closer to the truth…driving her crazy !).
From La Sorbonne international Law School to Los Angeles,
journalism and 4 restaurants later is a long story for another
Moving to Temecula in 2014 was finally going back to my
roots and finding my dream.
We bought a ranch ‘“Finca Céleste” in De Luz and from city
sticker to farmer, it took only the 1 1/2 hour drive from LA to
beautiful Temecula.
True to form and to my other love, FOOD, my partner
Armand with the precious input of our daughter Céleste and
myself opened by the end of 2015 Laurent’s “Le” Coffee Shop
in Old Town with a vision.
Make the Farm to Table widely hailed by so many restaurants

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